Reft and Light – the new SaF-Socks-Campaign

To avoid the peculiar difficulties of direction of communication on SaF boats, we introduce the ultimate solution for the skipper: Captain’s socks!

An essential aid to determining vital navigational intelligence

Foto: D. Altenhöner

Instructions for use:

Attach the PORT (red) sock on the left foot and the STARBOARD (green) sock on the right foot. Should a know-all member of your crew make reference to one of these technical position terms (often accompanied by esoteric jargon such as “on the port tack” …) there is no need to panic. Simply glance surreptitiously at your colour-coded ankles to ascertain where to look. By casual use of this aid you will both reassure the crew of your competence and win their undying respect.

Long trousers are not a problem

Long trousers might hide the Captain’s socks, so it is wise to take precaution of sewing strings to the turn-ups and attaching them (inside the trousers leg) to the pockets, so that you can artfully pull the trousers bottoms up to reveal your helpful socks.


Foto: D. Altenhöner

The manufacturers warrant that following the above instructions will reduce the incidence of grounding / collision / dispute / humiliation / friction / demonition / divorce etc.

The guarantee is invalid if the product

  • is interfered with by unqualified operators or
  • is improperly used in conjunction with other socks of similar appearance, or
  • worn on the wrong feet.

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