Müll auf Trischen – Foto: Stefan Sauer, NABU-Projekt „Gewässerretter”

„Gewässerretter (save the waters) – App” for smart sailors

Plastic waste and the problems associated with it are well known. The issue is on everyone’s lips and it is undeniable that plastic and its disposal is a serious problem. Especially in our element, water, we are facing a dramatic development. 

A particularly drastic example was published by PARLEYCHANNEL on the internet

High time for action!

Plastic waste has become one of the major environmental problems of our time. By taking part in the project „Gewässerretter“ (save the waters), sailors can start doing something practical about it.

Plants and animals need clean waters – water sportsmen and sportswomen want to canoe, dive in and sail on clean waters, free from plastic! The avoidance of plastic packaging and our conscious handling of this topic plays a major role. Back in 1985, the DSV (German Sailor Association) and Deutscher Naturschutzring (German Nature Conservation Association) already developed  “10 Golden Rules for the Behaviour of Water Sportsmen in Nature”.

But what happens to all the waste that’s already out there?

Digital communities are part of a movement that finds practical solutions


The App Litterati is probably the most widely used App in the world. Users photograph, geotag and remove waste from streets and parks in their neighbourhood. According to their own data they were able to collect over 1.6 million pieces of waste, of which most was plastic.

Gewässerretter(Save the waters)

Waste at Rügen-Island – Foto: Stefan Sauer, NABU-Project „Gewässerretter”

Waste at Rügen-Island – Foto: Stefan Sauer, NABU-Project „Gewässerretter”

Together with the DSV (German Sailor Association), the NABU (German Nature Conservation Association) now presented a campaign at the world’s largest water sports fair BOOT in Düsseldorf to protect waters from plastic waste with the help of the App “Gewässerretter“. This App follows a similar principle like Litterati, but mainly focuses on trash in water and on water.

It is the smart extension of the existing website, which has helped to organise numerous International Coastal Clean-Up Days.

Water sportsmen and sportswomen can use this App to document waste in and around waters live on their smartphones: The App automatically locates the spot – therefore saving time and effort. The collected parts and the clean-up action can immediately be shared via social networks in order to motivate other sailors to join in.

We support this campaign because it’s a chance for all the Sailhorse sailors and their friends to make a contribution to clean and protect our waters.

If you want to participate: you can download the App for free here:



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